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Janet Tavakoli, author of Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits and Science Fiction under the pen name Michael K. Clancy

This is Janet Tavakoli’s fiction novel site. For business matters and information on her nonfiction finance books, please go to Tavakoli Structured Finance. She also writes under the pen name Michael K. Clancy. Business Week called internationally renowned finance expert Janet Tavakoli the “Cassandra of Credit Derivatives” for predicting the financial crisis. Now she shocks again with Archangels: Rise of the Jesuits, her prescient debut financial fiction thriller. Read more about the Author Janet Tavakoli

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Janet Tavakoli’s Science Fiction Pen Name
Michael K. Clancy

Zombie Apocalypse 3: Ghost Territory
Zombie Apocalypse 3
Ghost Territory

Who Will Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Colonel Jack Crown, M.D., wages a deadly battle of wits with the Russian whose job is deception.

Jack explores Crown Territory. His team battles zombies and outlaws to create a safe zone around the Outbreak Compound.

Dr. Benjamin Lieber races to find a cure for the Z-Factor virus. His research assists Jack in a high-risk gambit.

General Markum summons additional military resources while Dr. Lieber treats his bitten son.

Anton Abelev mobilizes an attack force including ruthless Spetsnaz troops. The Russian invaders plan to steal the Outbreak Compound’s secrets and destroy Jack’s team and their loved ones.

Financial Fiction: Murder Mystery & Thriller

Archangels Rise: of the Jesuits by Janet Tavakoli
Rise of the Jesuits

“Conspiracies within conspiracies, a fast-paced thriller” — Publisher’s Weekly

A murder mystery that will keep you guessing until the end!

When control of the Vatican is at stake, no one plays fair. Tavakoli’s pulse-pounding thriller predicted the pope would resign for a Jesuit. This mesmerizing mystery combines authentic history with the riveting suspense of first-class fiction.